Dear Dented Hydro Flask

Dear Dented Hydro Flask,

I'm so sorry that you are the way you are,
I did not mean to hit you against that car.
You do not look so shiny and new,
what will we do with you....

Fill with dirt for a worm farm,
Use as a hammer in my arm.
Fill with sand for a workout weight,
or perhaps to hold fish bait.
Could gift you to a bratty child,
or for vasing flowers of the wild.
I could even use you as a rolling pin,
I don't want to throw you in the bin.
Wasting you would be so sad,
now that I look again you aren't so bad.
Maybe that's not a dent in your side
but an dimple I don't have to hide.

Dear dented Hydro Flask... I think I'll keep you and that's that.